Graphic Design

Noreen Hosny - Graphic Design Intern - Participants

As a first-generation Egyptian-American, Noreen Hosny embraces her Egyptian-Muslim heritage and American culture. She is a high school senior and a prospective biology and visual arts double major who seeks to combine her two interests professionally. At a very young age, she developed a passion for all things science but noticed that many of her female peers did not share the same interest in the subject, which led her to writing easy-to-understand science guides for young adults. Noreen Hosny also volunteers her graphic design skills for various non-profit organizations such as the Arctic Institute, American Cancer Society, and Days for Girls International. She has saved the organizations she has worked with more than $30,000. Interning with the Arctic Institute has been a very rewarding experience for her regarding her professional development, as she learns how to combine her passion for science and art together for the betterment of the environment and society as a whole.